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The white tee!

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Ok, I’m certain you have already noticed my obsession with white-on-white outfits (evidence here) and yes, I just can’t help myself. I do have a ‘thing’ for white especially now that the weather turns hot and summery.

These days I wear a lot one of my fav tried-and-true staples (the v-neck white tee) and the reason for that is because you can never go wrong with it. The plain white tee can be paired with everything and creates a minimal yet stylish and effortless look.

When it comes to buying a white tee, I go for v-necks because they look superb with thin chokers and dainty necklaces. Also, I prefer to size up in order to feel comfy and to tuck it in my trousers and jeans for a laid-back result.


Shop the look:

ZARA: white v-neck tee (here, herehere and here)

J.O.A: Axis white pants ( hereherehere and here)

Vans: sneakers (here, here and here)




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As the days transition to warmer ones, you can ditch your long heavy layers, warm and cosy knits as well as your o-t-k boots and booties.

Springtime means almost-summer and that means colours, prints and comfy-lightweight clothing.

Since I’m an all-black-everything kind of person I don’t usually add colour into my outfits. This time, I tried to change things up and I incorporated some colours into the look. So, I paired my white jeans with a plain sleeveless top and my shoe at the moment (classic Superga). I accessorised the look with a red pouch including just the essentials.

ZARA: white jeans (here, here and here), sleeveless v-top (here, here and here)

Superga: Cotu Wedge sneakers (here, here and here)

Mango: red pouch (here, here and here)




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So, I’ve finally managed to post the coolest moto leather vest I’ve ever had. Clean, smooth, longline and belted!

For me, the biker vest is one of the season’s key staples and can actually work as a jacket alternative to your warm-weather outfits. This layering piece is a true transitional staple that can be layered not only over button-down shirts or casual tops and jeans but over dresses as well. So, give your casual look an uplift by throwing a leather vest over it.

I wore mine with a white button-down shirt and black skinny jeans. I accessorised the look with my black pointed flats and a faux-fur camo clutch.


Shop the look:

Leather moto vest: The WhitePepper here (cool options here, herehere and here)

White shirt: Wrangler (here, herehere and here)

Black skinny jeans: Topshop (hereherehere and here)

Pointed flats: Bagatt

Choker: Maria Chara Jewelry (here)




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Silky whites!

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Let’s talk about white-silky blazers. I’ve had my own since forever and I wore it to death the previous years. So, I think it’s time to update one of my fav staples buying another cool one. I don’t know what it is but wearing a white blazer keeps the outfit light, simple and refreshing. The truth is I like keeping the majority of my outfits black and dark but this white blazer is exactly what I need to accomplish the perfect amount of contrast. I’m wearing ZARA white blazer.

Cool options:

Mango belted blazer here ,

Gestuz longline blazer here

Cameo wrap blazer here

Cameo hideaway blazer here

Vila Longline blazer here

Phillip Lim twill blazer here

Aqua blazer here