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Gorgeous C!

charlotte_3202923a                                                                                                                         photo via

And this is our favourite streetstyle outfit during NYFW courtesy of Charlotte Groeneveld.

Shop the look:

H&M denim culotte pants. Cool options : herehere and here

Chanel bag here and here.

Gucci boots here. Cool alternative : here

D.EFECT faux fur here and cool alternatives here and here

6397 beanie. Cool options:  here and here

UGG mittens: here and here




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Tonal Taupe!

10959153_10153144414604040_215188544_n 10962179_10153144411734040_246442483_n 10965403_10153144414284040_1538893051_n 10968076_10153144413284040_360331171_n 10968202_10153144413489040_1014202765_n 10968209_10153144414424040_1490759880_n

The beauty of neutral tones is that they look timeless plus you can mix and style them with almost anything adding some interest to the outfit. Earthy brownish tones like taupe and tan never go out of style and keep the outfit clean, simple and minimal. My opinion is that these kind of shades are best used with simpler ensembles and colours for a well-balanced outfit.

So I popped into Zara about a week ago and found this brownish taupe cropped leather jacket ON SALE and as you can see I couldn’t resist. This purchase is unquestionably a new staple to my wardrobe. And so in this post I decided to wear all my minimal staple pieces including my newest purchase mixing it with gold bangles and jewelleries to give an extra kick. My black top is from Topman, my culotte pants from Zara and my shoe of the moment, the pointed flats from Bagatt.

ZARA: Taupe leather jacket  (similar options herehere, here and here)

Topman: black top (similar options herehere and here)

Bagatt: Pointed flats (similar options herehere, herehere and here)

NastyGal: Pony hair bag (cool options here, here and here)





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Clean, Smooth, Gold Jewelries !









viber image


Dainty, is the word that describes exactly the jewelries we adore and appreciate. A gold jewelry  in clean-minimal line is always a great choice and a smart investment. These small gold treasures can easily add this little something to anything we wear. If you are the type of person who prefers a bold, statement piece don’t have second thoughts since oversized transformational necklaces are the best way to make a big impact.

Here are some suggestions and ideas.

What do you thing?

For rings: Nastygal hand set here , Stella & Bow open ring, Ottoman Hands stone ring, Orelia Evil eye ring, Vidakush evil eye knuckle ring, Vidakush septum ring, Vidakush knuckle Ring.

For bangles: Nastygal Crystal cuff-hereOttoman Hands bangle.

For chokers: Nastygal Aries choker-here, Maria-Chara Jewelries (here).

For body chains: Nastygal body chain-here.

For ear cuffs: Nastygal ear cuffs-hereWarehouse stud earrings.

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On the go Basics!

10937631_10153103713404040_2073929317_n 10937755_10153103712809040_882634639_n 10941675_10153103713454040_758815754_n 10942878_10153103713684040_2088742935_n 10944863_10153103712924040_330866568_n 10949752_10153103713649040_1698232948_n 10950894_10153103713184040_581613929_n


If you haven’t noticed yet, every so often we talk about simple basics and staples (evidence here and here).I definitely believe that basics are the basis of our wardrobes and can be used in the coming years. For me, there’s nothing wrong with getting back to basics and styling tried-and-true staples (like high-raised denim and nautical or white tees) for a comfy yet stylish outfit suitable for a number of occasions and incidents. So, in this post I styled my high-raised AA jeans with a striped tee and my trusty navy trench coat.

Stella McCartney square-frame tortoise sunglasses (here)

American Apparel jeans (here)

Choies striped tee (here and here)

H&M Trench coat and metallic pouch (cool options here, here and here)

Urban Outfitters buckled shoes (cool options here and here)

See you soon!





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